Love never Fell

Everyone will never believe that there will be true love in the world. someone have experienced it. For someone first love, everything seems to turn into pink color. She talked with him nicely and kindly. She forces him to say the word of love in spite of his shyness. He makes a decision to say that word without hesitation. She laughed at him, ‘you are such a kind of innocent man’. At first, we find some obstacles. One of his friends also loves the same girl as him. He was so confused. At last, he decides to leave her without saying a word. Few weeks later, he accumulated his power of courage to talk with her how he felt toward her. She also told him what she felt. It is unbelievable that she would say unexpected words, ‘though he talk to somebody else, his heart is always with you.’ This was the word that was always in his mind. He promises he will remember till the last minute of his life. We kept on talking with each other last for a month. The destiny brought her to come and see but didn’t make us a couple. He is very happy to have a chance to talk with her. Actually, He has no right to even look at her at all. What she said make him despair, ‘I love the rich’. Looking at himself in the mirror, he has nothing in his life. He possessed nothing much but his spiritual mind. He doesn’t think we could get along with each other because we have different opinions. The last word that he asked her before leaving, when will we talk again? She replied, ‘ I don’t know’. She requested him not to be petulant and angry. Until now, we have no chance to talk with each other anymore. The question should be, ‘Is he broken heart now? Who else could tell him. Anyways he does not blame her for that. He blames himself for being innocent in love. Is she pretending or Is he deceiving himself?

Love is sweet at first.

Love is mind at the middle.

Love is bitter at the end.

It is difficult to find true love.

It’s more difficult to cherish that love last for long.

How do you feel to be denied by someone? He feels as if he lost him feelings. He ask her for love but she denies that like is better than hate. This is the best way to deny someone. She speaks the same word which he used to talk with girls who love him.

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