The Buddha, the best teacher

The Buddha assumes a foremost place among teachers and professors who have an expert mastery over educational science, technique and psychology. The Buddha as a teacher, who has won the genuine devotion from his countless disciples as much as the Buddha, has ever appeared in the line of teachers in the whole of human kind. In the course of His teaching, He never used a single word that the disciple would not understand. He always showed the disciples the way which could lead them to the realizing the ultimate happiness. Those, who came to see Him and to question Him, became His obedient disciples at the end. This great teacher possessed the power to see the minds of others and to recall past births. In consequence, He could figure out, immediately on seeing on person that He has such and such character traits.

A special characteristic in the Buddha’s teaching style was His method of driving home a point using examples and instances. When He attained the enlightenment the Four Noble Truths and then He met His friends namely; the Five Ascetics, Kondanna, Badhiya, Mahanama, Vappa and Assaji. That all of them would not receive His coming but the influences of His characteristic eventually they received the Buddha well. The Buddha has the great characteristics which made the people interested in. All the people are interested in when the Buddha gave the sermons in front of them. The Buddha is greatest one who ever lived in the world. The Buddha performed His educational service by questioning, by responding to questions from students, by delivering Discourse on some specific topics, by techniques that would enable to lead the disciples to understand matters from themselves. That is the most significance teaching which the Buddha introduced to all His disciples.

The Buddha is the unique teachers who ever lived in our world. One can appreciate the greatness of the Buddha as a Teacher and researcher. The Buddha could visualize, through His wisdom, the heart, the inner workings of all those who came to see Him questions. The Buddha is an example to all the teacher in the world. Teachers, when they educate their pupils, must consider quite carefully. It is caused we called Him the greatest teacher and researcher who ever alive and taught the Four Noble Truths in this world.