My First Impressive

             My first impression in my life is my mother. She was protecting me every time. When I was child, she always take care me well. It’s her duty, because she has responsible to protect me. Sometimes I was naughty to make her angrily, but she was not beat me, instead she suggested me well. She is my great mother and great woman who I must give most respect. Without her I may not be living here and I will not ever see the world today. When I was just born, she is to be careful care me. Everyday she gave me the milk and everything what I want. It’s very hard work of her, but she has a great patient. She is not only a great woman but also she is my first woman who I give love. She is a woman who always be my friend. And she is a woman who is to be the light up the dark in my life. I remembered something good that happened when I had studied at primary school.

        That time when I would go to school, suddenly my father rejected to pick me going to the school. With a great compassion my mother invited me and then she picked me going to the school. Although that time she was just cooking at the kitchen. But she left her work as soon as me. She is a woman who takes hurt for me. She always suggested me to do good and always made my self not naughty in the societies. That suggestion I always remember and I always save it in my memory. Everyday she always constructed me going to have a good behaviuor. I didn’t expect if I could live with her. But after I had studied about Buddha’s Teaching. I know why it is happened? It’s happened, because my kamma and her kamma had connected and it may happen to have supported by our previously kamma. So at the presently life we can live together. My life has many challenges, but when my mother gives me something that challenge will be solving immediately. That problem I can prove when I asked her to get married. She told me if I just still young, so it’s not suitable to do that. And when I had suspicious to do something, she always gave me spirit, and so I didn’t give up to do those. Without her sacrifice I may not be here and I am nothing. So I am very lucky and have a good opportunity to live with her. My mother is a great woman who has highest spirit to support me. I didn’t know before what something valuable, but because her attention and kindness I could know what proper to do. With her loving kindness I can compare with others that her kindness is a great and have not another in this world. It’s my mother the great woman in the world. She always emphasizes my wishes more than her self. She always conveys me going to the good ways. I am very proud her. And it won’t end in my life. I will keep that in my mind forever.

        She is my pride in this world, because she has many struggles only in the name of me. Thus my first impressive that I always will remember in my life. Basically, a child must have a great respect to their mother and father in their live. So their parents can live happily and free from suffering and its causes.

Thank you…mom……and Love you so much