Why do i study Buddhism?

Buddhism is the one of religion which is prominent in the world. Why do I study Buddhism? This question is a good for me so that I can write down my appreciation in Buddhism. I am a Buddhist and my family also is Buddhist. It is suitable for me to learn about Buddhism more over for purposing to get the essential of the Buddha’s teaching. I like Buddhism because Buddhism is the rational and logic religion. Buddhism can prove us the presently condition our lives. Even the scientist knows about Buddhism well and they can realize the main point in Buddhism. The Buddha is the noble one who enlightened the Four Noble Truths, the essential teaching in Buddhism. The Buddha is the sample of being who wants to be free from suffering. Suffering is one problem which always grows up to all the people including the Buddha himself. Eventually, the Buddha can realize the ultimate of life and then He taught his teaching to all the people.

To study Buddhism is one way to know about the teaching of the Buddha. If we do not study His teaching we won’t know what the Buddha’s teaching is? Now I become of monk in order to know Buddhism deeply. I have a time so much and I use it to learn Buddhism more and more. When I am tired to read it I try to concentrate my mind. My life is very important to decide my self to study Buddhism. When I was a child my parents always invited me go to another religious places to learn about their teaching. Now I am happy become of Buddhist because I have an opportunity to know the Buddha’s teaching. I am very pleased when I was born in this world because I can live with another Buddhist. when i live in Thailand i am very happy and peaceful because Thailand is one the country which has the population respect in Buddhism. 95 % people in Thailand are Buddhist. It is make me happy and peaceful to live with them.

I will do good in my life when the death will come to me. Death is no calendar so I will try to do good, avoid the evil and cultivate the merit. I won’t give up for learning Buddhism and this opportunity I will be used it well to make my life developing. Buddhism is chose by me because Buddhism is fit with my life. It can adjust with my daily life and all beings. I think Buddhism is one of the best religions in the world. So I am not wrong to be Buddhist and I will be going on to study Buddhism until the end of my life.